week 24: asparagus and potato salad

June 26, 2011Rania0 Comments

This past Wednesday, I decided to do some research on delicious vegan recipes. Neither of us are vegan, but I figured it was a pretty easy way to make sure our next meal was healthy. Amira doubted the possibility of deliciousness without cheese, but I think this meal succeeded.

I found a great blog written by a woman who has been vegan for the past couple of years and also owns a vegan bakery. Her recipe for an asparagus and potato salad caught my eye, particularly because the dressing reminded me of the dressing we loved on the salmon hash dish we made a while back, just without the yogurt.

vegan yumminess

It was pretty freaking yummy. The dressing was similar but tangier and obviously less creamy. I also made some kale chips as a side, which came out a bit salty, but like Amira said, it didn’t stop us from eating them all! This vegan meal was so good that I think we’ll be experimenting with more in the future.

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