Raison d’être: Rania, Fashion Stylist

Most who know me are very familiar with my better half, my seester. We are so much alike that for last Halloween we went as creepy twins, where we wore the same dress we already both owned and just exaggerated the dark circles under our eyes.

FullSizeRender 2

Although we often talk in unison, make similar facial reactions, hate the same bitches and love the same bands, there have always been a few striking differences between us. For one, I love children and she…does not. I take everything personally while Rania sees things objectively. I always figured she was better able to process news and events with a clear head because her whole career has been in science (The term “science,” Rania just pointed out while reading over my shoulder, is wildly vague. She has a master’s in biomedical sciences, but I still call her “doctor.” Same thing.)

But while I lack any aptitude for any STEM fields, Rania is sort of a double-threat. Not only can she diagnose your malady better than WebMD,  she is also incredibly creative and passionate about FASHION (another vague term, Rania notes.) Her ability to pull together outfits that transcend any categorical style and are uniquely her own brand is truly impressive, even to a fellow creative like myself HA HA HA.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous Letters from Marfa posts, Rania recently made a choice in her life that I feel many consider but few actually make happen: She quit her job in the only professional field she’s ever really known to pursue what she’s always enjoyed outside of her 9-5. And in true Rania fashion, she made the change methodically and with an air of confidence I don’t even feel when I state my own name. (To be fair, it’s difficult to pronounce correctly. Ah-me-rrrrrrraaaa)

For the past six months, she has worked two jobs: her full-time job and part-time as a stylist for Stitch Fix. In the past month, she said goodbye to the company she’s worked for the past 6+ years and is focusing on the next chapter of her life. As she continues to work for Stitch Fix and take classes for a fashion marketing certificate, Rania’s well aware that the new direction she’s taking might not become what she’s hoping for. But for her, this major change isn’t risky. It’s really fucking logical.

“My perspective has always been, ‘If you’re not happy right now, what’s the worst that could happen?'”


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