Raison d’être: Natalie, Interior Designer

For the bulk of my 20s (which yes, is almost over), I have kept asking myself who I am or what defines me. What’s my contribution to this world besides ill-received dead mom jokes and a lot of money spent on coffee, food and whiskey?

First it was a question of what I wanted to do professionally, and lately it’s been a question of how much I want my profession to be “who I am.” It can be easy for me to lose sight of why I put time into certain projects when I have an especially tiring day or feel exceptionally untalented. I’m still trying to strike a balance between work and play, but I do know I’ll never grow tired of hearing about other people’s passions and sharing it with others.

“Raison d’être” is a person’s main purpose or reason for existing. For some, it correlates with their career, and for others, it’s how they dedicate their spare time. I know so many people who work their asses off and sometimes even put their financial security on the line to do what it is that makes them happiest. They are very inspiring people in my life – your everyday Beyoncé – and I’m so proud to call them my friends and family.

To start this series, my friend Natalie Holzem agreed to let me interview her about why she enjoys interior design. I’ve known Natalie since college through our ex-boyfriends. My first memory of her was at a party, where she was dancing along to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video and seemingly not giving a fuck about what strangers there might be thinking. I felt intimidated by her until she introduced herself. It takes a minute of conversation to see how sweet, humble (read: self-deprecating) and hilarious a person she is.

Natalie’s become one of my best friends over the past 6-plus years. She still shies away from being called an “interior designer” because she, like many of my other friends, has set high goals for herself that she’s still working toward. Already, this lady has launched her own business as well as works for several interior design services. She has also designed a restaurant on South Congress Avenue, one of the most iconic streets in this quickly growing city.

I admire Natalie for her tenacity, amazing skill and style. A big thank you to her for letting me record our interview, and apologies for the small screen…and for calling it “interior decoration” for the first few minutes. Confidence dranks were flowing that night: