I got a job? I got a job!

I finally did it.

I’ve been actively job searching since July. Over the last five months, I have applied to so many jobs and spent a disgusting amount of weeknights and weekends writing sample blog posts, crafting fake social posts and crying over it all. I’d get so far as to have several hours of in-person interviews with a company, only to be turned down in favor of another candidate.

I made it a rule to apply for a new job every time I was turned down by a previous one. It seems kind of sadistic, to write a cover letter when you’ve just been rejected, but I figured that the least I could do when a door closed was to knock on another to see if it’d open.

People said that it was at least good practice, and I agree. I’ve become more confident in my skills and accomplishments, and better at articulating them. I’ve learned to network like crazy. I’ve invited strangers to coffee because they worked at a company I was interested in, and my faith in humanity was repeatedly restored when they accepted my proposal and met me with honesty and kindness.

I actually started writing this blog post before I accepted my offer – or even received it – as an exercise to remind myself that one day I’d get to post it. Job searching is hard, time intensive and soul sucking. All I knew to do was to keep trying.

And NOW I have two new jobs: marketing for a hospitality group that manages hotels and restaurants (La Condesa! Sway! East Side King! Pinch me!) AND a digital production gig with a local news station. I can’t wait to see what comes of these opportunities in the new year! 2016 is gonna be goooooood.


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