Deux mille quinze

I usually post on New Years day but have dragged my feet 20 days in order to properly digest 2014. At first I didn’t know what to think of last year. It was momentous. It was hard. It was a year in which I started learning how to make changes and mistakes and let them serve as experiences that I learn from rather than regrets I dwell on. Well, at least not for long.

I just looked at what I wrote in my New Years post last year:
“My focus in 2014 is to see life’s uncertainty as the impetus to seek exciting opportunities rather than as a source of frustration.”

So I guess I’d call that a success? Sure!

Here’s a recap of my 2014 resolutions:
Take better care of my teeth
I went to the dentist three times this year and got three fillings. My smile is mesmerizing.

Follow the ChefMD eating plan/cut out alcohol
This was short-lived as I soon realized the ultimate goal of eating healthier/cooking more was better achieved if I just let myself eat hummus and Brussels sprouts every day. Alcohol solves everything.

Read a book a month
Although a resolution I’d like to keep pursuing, this one was more difficult than I’d imagined. I read four books and got about 30 pages into a fifth when I realized I was much better at watching the entire series of The L Word. Again, no regrets.

Visit New Orleans
Check! Meh.

Visit Becca in Scotland
Or better yet, have her move back to Austin! Check.

Keep in better touch with long-distance friends
If there’s anything I’ve learned in Marketing, it’s that it’s important to make your goals measurable. I don’t know if I kept “in better touch,” per se, but I can at least say I don’t feel estranged from my non-Austin friends. It’s a two-way road, and I’m so thankful that my friends have met me halfway.

Cut out thoughtless meals/visit nice restaurants
Yes, I was very good at eating well this year.

Treat myself once a month
I don’t think I particularly did anything out of the ordinary for myself after September or so, but I think easing up on my self-expectations will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Keep telling people’s stories
This was really just code for writing a book, which fell by the wayside when I started a working relationship with The Austin Chronicle and later an internship to help with a documentary on the UT tower shooting. Neither experiences have turned into what I was hoping for, but I’ve learned how to be more direct in communicating my goals for both and look forward to seeing where that takes me in 2015.

I’ve heard more recently about how setting resolutions could be a bad thing, and I’d be remiss to say I haven’t made some that had negative repercussions (mostly emotionally), but screw it. I like setting goals, and even more, I like making lists.

My resolutions for 2015, in order of likelihood of achieving from lowest to highest:

Don’t drink in January…she writes while sipping whiskey. Alcohol solves everything!

Get to work before 9 AM because even though I always get my work done, I feel guilty for the days when I snooze and arrive late.

Cycle more because every time I go on a ride, I think, “Why the hell don’t I do this more?”

Practice French parce que tu me manques la langue!

Visit Denver, Philadelphia & Virginia. Denver for fun, Philly to visit the lovely Jackie, and Virginia to see if Joelle really is a hippie.

Save for something big in 2016 (A European vacation? A documentary workshop? Moving?) I’m getting a bit restless.

Stop writing for free because I’m 27, I have a journalism degree and literally hundreds of clips, and I finally have the self-respect to turn down free work.

Be the best maid of honor ever for Amy because I love her.

Run another half-marathon because I already paid the $90 registration fee…?

In other news, I stopped seeing my therapist regularly because this is the year where I can HANDLE MAH OWN SHIT.


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