An update on my mouth.

I have a lot of things to tell you, the reader, about my life that you don’t care about.

For one, I’ve decided to become an artist and photographer (Just like how I’m writing a cookbook. This is my quarter-life crisis, after all). Prints are available on Etsy for $75. Throw in another $75 and I’ll even autograph it (a steal!)
I’d like to dedicate my inspiration to my friend’s post-it drawings at work. My favorite so far is his picture of a pig with bangs. It’s an Amira Pig.

Drawing by Marcus Haddon
Drawing by Marcus Haddon

I’ll post brief updates on several resolutions each day this week.

Resolution: Take better care of my teeth

First I will start with an update on my 6-month checkup with my dentist – when I expected to be patted on the back for finally learning how to floss daily at age 26. The dental hygienist communicated that I’d clearly been doing it wrong when she back-stepped away from my mouth, her own mouth agape, shook her head and said, “But you’re so young :/”

So now I get to wear a mouth guard to protect my teeth from the grinding I do in the night when my mind whispers, “You’re accomplishing nothing in your life” and I try to rebut with my mouth closed.

"Mouthguard" by Amira Jensen
“Mouthguard” by Amira Jensen

As you can see, my drawing skills are right where I left them at age 7.

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