2016 looks pretty, pretty good

I created this blog in 2011 to loosely keep myself accountable for new year’s resolutions, and each year I’ve succeeded in surprising myself, developing new habits and failing miserably at many of my goals. Here’s how 2015 resolutions played out:

Don’t Drink in January
I think I lasted six days. The resolution evolved to become “build out a bar,” which I’ve been a lot more successful at.

Get to work at 9 AM
I created this goal because I was already feeling pretty unhappy with my job. This resolution turned into “find a new job that I don’t hate going to,” and I finally accomplished that when I accepted a marketing position at New Waterloo. My first day is next Wednesday. The best part is the workday doesn’t begin until 10 AM! Arriving at 9 AM would actually make me an over-achiever.

Cycle more
I got as far as setting up my bike trainer. To make sure I actually ride my bike in 2016, I’ve signed up to ride the MS-150 in April with my good friend Keri. I’ve learned that I’m much better at sticking to goals when I’m financially committed to them.

Practice French
Aha, I forgot this was even a resolution of mine. As the French would say: merde.

Visit Denver, Philadelphia and Virginia
I only made it to the Denver airport, but I did go to Philadelphia and Virginia. And Utah! And Canada! And Chicago! I want to travel this much every year!

Save for something big in 2016
Does buying a new computer with my credit card count?

Stop writing for free
I stuck to this, and I’ll never go back. Self-respect feels so good.

Be the best maid of honor ever
You’ll have to ask Mrs. Amy Booth if I succeeded. I am definitely thrilled that I got to be a big part in such a beautiful day.

Run another half-marathon
I did that! Slowly.

And now for the unveiling of this year’s resolutions:

In other words, take a week or so to volunteer at a farm. This has been on the bucket list for a while, and I hope to do it while I’m still a member of the organization. Again: financial commitment is the key to success.

Use my slow-cooker
I got a crock pot for Christmas! Well, technically two. I hope to not only eat at home more, but also explore beyond my carrots and hummus “meals.”

Ride the MS-150
I also hope to reach my $1,000 fundraising goal. I’m at $815 so far! Feel free to donate here. 🙂

Get good at my jobs
Because I like being awesome at what I do.

Respect my time
This is sort of a continuation of last year’s goal to stop writing for free. I’m about to start working two new jobs as well as a few regular freelance gigs. My free time will be more precious than ever, and I have to remind myself that I can say no to new opportunities or even let go of some existing ones if it ends up being too much for me.

Have a white Christmas
I had a wonderful Christmas this year, but it would’ve been a lot better if it hadn’t been summertime outside. Rania and I have a pretty solid Thanksgiving tradition but can sometimes feel at a loss during Christmas. Hopefully this year we can start a new one, ideally in a cabin in New England…?

I feel more optimistic about the new year than I have in the past. It doesn’t hurt that 2015 ended on such a high note, but I think it’s also because I know that everything’s better (or at least sucks a lot less) when I get to share it with my best friend. Cheers to that!



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