It’s 2014; my blog turns 3

Yay 2014! Yay blog’s third birthday!










Here’s a recap of my 2013 resolutions:

Learn how to drive stick
This…this did not happen. Several people offered to teach me, but they were all boys. I don’t want to learn from a boy, because this isn’t Say Anything and no guy was Lloyd Dobler (Yeah, that’s right, two John Cusack references in a month). Instead, I will wait until my sister allows me to grind her car’s gears or something.

Take a dance class
I apparently never stopped talking about how much I loved my ballet class, because I got enrolled in January’s workshop as a Christmas present and my boss gave me a voucher to Ballet Austin for even more classes. I guess it’s time to invest in some tights that fit!

Complete everything on my Texas bucket list
See the following posts:
Barton Creek greenbelt
Deep Eddy
Laguna Gloria
Standup paddleboarding
Umlauf Sculpture Garden
I did not make it to Enchanted Rock or Hamilton Pool this year, so I’ve resolved to visit both in 2014.

Accomplish one thing on my main bucket list
The original idea was to ride STP, but unfortunately registration hit capacity before I could even try. So I jumped out of a plane instead.

Find my future husband
Remember when I joked about having a crush on Lee Pace, who is rumored to be gay? Oh I definitely crushed on another gay guy this year. Damn you, well-dressed men.

This year was a big one. My dad got married, many friends left Austin to pursue great things, and I realized that despite always having a good sense of who I am, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life much better than the next person. My focus in 2014 is to see life’s uncertainty as the impetus to seek exciting opportunities rather than as a source of frustration. This year’s resolutions aren’t as “fun” as last year’s, but they are related to what I do know are important to me: my friends and family, my health, and the finer things in life.

  • Take better care of my teeth
  • Hi, I’m 5 and hate going to the dentist. This is why I end up having events like emergency partial-root canals while the rest of my T4K team immortalizes our summer trip at the Alaska border sign. Do you see me in this picture? NO. Cause I was at the dentist.







    So to make sure that doesn’t happen again, I plan to have regular checkups rather than just going when my teeth hurt so bad that I curl up into a fetal position and cry myself to sleep.

  • Follow the ChefMD eating plan/cut out alcohol
  • Go on a diet? How original. But ChefMD focuses on pairing foods that provide more nutritional value together than when eaten separately. It’s like I’m introducing foods to their soul mates. In mah mouth.

    As for cutting out alcohol, I am simply curious to see how much money I’d save and how much it’d help my energy level.

  • Read a book a month
  • Reading for pleasure comes in waves, and often the stretches in between get longer when I’m busy. This year, I want to make time for it.

  • Get a New York Times subscription
  • I get the news I need from the weather report. But really, as a journalist, I should be absorbing more reporting and writing that doesn’t involve lists and gifs.

  • Visit New Orleans
  • Even if I’m the “worst road tripper ever” according to Rania, Marfa proved that I can handle an 8-hour drive. I’ve never been!

  • Visit Becca in Scotland
  • This is a stretch goal, but I miss that girl and I haven’t been abroad in four years or so.

  • Keep in better touch with long-distance friends
  • Because you bitches keep moving away, and I miss you all.

  • Cut out thoughtless meals/visit nice restaurants
  • I have a growing list of place I’d like to try in Austin but never can, because I buy $12 sushi rolls at Whole Foods all the damn time and can’t afford nicer restaurants. Instead, I’d like to make eating out a monthly treat.

  • Become a dog walking volunteer for Austin Pets Alive!
    Because DOGS!

  • Treat myself once a month
  • This is so I can get massages and feel good about accomplishing a goal at the same time.

  • Keep telling people’s stories

I got to talk to people all day when I worked at the newspaper, and I miss hearing their life stories and sharing it with others. This year, I want to do that again – through this blog, through freelance, through documentaries – who knows. That’s one thing I’ll figure out.

Happy birthday, blog. Here’s a song from my birth year. I will always love gay men.



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